Will the collapse of SVB effect Trading 212?

Hi, as I’m sure as many of you have heard the Silicon Valley Bank in the US has seemingly failed, and the deposits of it’s creditors (primarily tech startups) are potentially under threat. I was wondering will this affect Trading 212?

I have no idea if Trading 212 had deposits with them, or if potentially whoever they do have deposits with could be in turn effected in a credit event resulting from SVB’s failure. Does anyone know the answer to this question?



Why would T212 have deposits at a small low tier US VC bank? :thinking: Or any of the other 1000s small US banks?

Edit: now if that were to provoke a more general collapse of the bond market with some other liquidity crunch on higher tier investment banks, forcing bigger liquidation of HTM assets and failure of hundred countless other banks, well then maybe T212 could be affected too.


They had a UK branch too, FT reports over 200 UK tech companies banked with them. I also have deposits with AJ Bell and am concerned they might be involved too.

Treasury may intervene on Monday. It would be nice if Trading 212 could issue a statement regarding this?


You could research the answer like you would when you check if any of your investments may be impacted as well?

This has some useful information as a starting point:


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212 bank with Barclays

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thanks! a big relief


Plug AJ Bells sort code into here - you’ll see who they bank with.


cheers will do, exactly what I was after!

SVB saga now put to bed until the another wallstreet blockbuster movie is released.

Make no mistake that wallstreet has several epic movies in pipeline, just not sure the release date :popcorn:


In short - no. Trading 212 has no direct exposure, and our liquidity remains strong.