Won't allocate my cash in pies

My DIVIDEND PIE wont allow me to ‘CUSTOM’ my free funds to purchase US stocks only.

I’ve withdrew and added further incase it was a liquidity issue but still won’t.

Can anyone help before end of day US markets please.

@David @George @Team212

you can set the pie so your US stocks are underweight and manually invest using self-balance. or you can make a US Dividend Pie with only US companies in it and that will achieve the same result of allocating free funds solely to them.

Yeah thanks…

I went with the option of self-balancing but this option shares the £’s between 1 Euro stock and several UK stocks which I didn’t want.
I thought the purpose of custom is to allocate a fixed % to individual stocks.

This issue I’ve experienced can’t be right.

I see. I usually make just a few manual deposits to balance the pie and most is left to auto-invest so haven’t spotted such an issue yet.

Hopefully it’s not a big problem and you can get a better answer from the team.

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We fixed a small issue with your account. You can withdraw the cash from the pie and invest it again. It should work now :slight_smile:

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