Would you like a pie?

Would you like a pie?

A pie made of your favourite ingredients.

A pie that is growing automatically and on schedule.

We hope you like pie.

Because we are already heating the oven.


I am trying to loose weight. I guess this is a calory free pie? Looks delicious!


Awesome! But that looks like an ios oven, is an android version in the making too?

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Yes :slight_smile: iOS, Android, web, mobile web, Chrome extension…everywhere.


Frantically refreshing google play for new t212 update

Need please :slight_smile:


It’s coming in the end of March or the first week of April. In about 2 weeks we will share videos so you’ll see how it works. I am playing with it now and it’s slick!


:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: Awesome! Can’t wait for it

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Looks “tasty”! :grin: Can’t wait for this feature.

this is fantastic, just what i was looking for, and i bet many people here as well :slight_smile:

does this mean I will be able to create my own etf, or have I misunderstood what it does

That’s one way of explaining it. But there’s more.

You’ll be able to:

  • Set long-term goals.
  • See how much you have to contribute, based on average market returns.
  • Choose what to invest in.
  • Set a schedule.
  • Take advantage of DRIP.

Wow, amazing, what more can one say? I can’t wait for these great new features! If I haven’t said it enough already, T 212 you’re awesome!


I’m really interested in knowing how the “schedule” system will work. Will auto-invest kick in with a free funds minimum (M1 Finance requires $10 for it to buy)? Will it be compatible with recurring deposits, meaning we can set and forget?

appreciate the detailed response, gonna be great for long term investors, but for a swing trader like me, would it be possible to create a pie or etf based on the socks I trade and buy and sell a fraction of it. thanks

It will be connected with recurring deposits, so it’s going to be set and forget. The minimum will be £1.

In order to build this feature, we had to implement 3 other major features:

  1. Fractional shares.
  2. Scheduled deposits.
  3. Invest by amount (as we call it internally) - the ability to set investment amount instead of quantity of shares.

After we release #3 (also highly demanded by fractional investors), it will all come together for the big release.


That’s awesome! :star_struck:

So after all these steps are implemented, basically there will also be an automatic buy or something similar to [Buy Options] Recurrence?

Can we maybe make pies inside pies like in M1 finance? I would like to make sector pies in my main pie and see various returns on each sector.


Not with the first release. If there’s a demand, we’ll implement it. We plan to go big on smart automation for long-term investing.


I see, thank you. And a last question: is there a limitation yet on the number of tickers we can add or a minimum % in the pie, can we use for example 0.5%? Really appreciate your development on this platform