Xl fleet:The next game stop

Buy now as you can see it was dropping like no tomorrow but now is rising xl fleet

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Link the forum entries/fanboys etc. If you mean gamma squeeze like gamestop I want prove first

Just because some random stock is dropping does not necessarily mean gotta get short squeezed

Love it when folk come on treating the forum like Twitter. :smile:

The Short Percent of Float of XL fleet is just 8.5%. It is entirely different matter with Game stock which more than 100%+ of float is shorted e.g more than the available float for trading.

The recent drop of the XL fleet stock is due to Short seller report. It might not be true. It is not uncommon short seller report will later turn the stock price to spike. Example Blink Charging.

But what is very promising here is that vast majority of wall street analysts estimate the fair value of this XL fleet stock is about $20.