Xmas ideas - subscriptions, magazines


I want to sign up to something decent can you chaps give me some ideas.


Any ideas from experience.


Magazine ideas

How about one of these discount subscriptions?

Couldn’t resist could you! :joy:

Its a decent discount to be fair.

Thanks Doug already signed up to penthouse got my free fleshlight. Not battery powered I just add water, microwave and ping like a rustlers it’s ready to go in about 50secs.

Yehaaaa cowboy :cowboy_hat_face:

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In all seriousness, I would look up blogs and read:

“As a whole, 78-97% of actively managed stock funds failed to beat the indexes they were benchmarked against over ten years.”

There’s also a website that visually represents the performance returns of active/passive/index funds over time that is really interesting, but I cant for the life of me think what it is.

The material you might want to read will depend on the type of investor you want to be. Myself, for my own personal investments in individual stocks, or ETFs, I only invest if I think the returns would outperform a global equity tracker. VWRP is one available on 212 that I use as a benchmark.

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some books:
The little book that beat the market, Joel Greenblatt
A random walk down wall street, Burton Malkiel
One up on wall street, Peter Lynch
The little book of common sense investing, John Bogle

on the magazine front Penthouse is a good choice :laughing:

The Financial Times do an ePaper for a yearly subscription. Bit pricey though. I get the printed weekend edition once a month or so as a treat and the journalism is top class. It’s not just finance news but have features on world news, art, music, and even clubbing. I will say however if you want journalists with an opinion, it’s not the paper for you, it’s very objective.

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I get everything here … each there own, but this site rocks for me :slight_smile:
I doubt I would pay for anything other than a tool/program.

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