Yearly Gains Register

I made a post 11 days ago about this topic but despite having many upvotes and replies from many users, there was no reply from any T212 team member. I decided to wait for an answer but 11 days is more than enough to at least reply with a yes or a no. I don’t if the staff randomly select the posts they want to answer or there was already an answer to my question in this forum. If there was, at least you could tell me that. No reply seems to be a NO as an answer or you simply don’t want to answer. So, as I wrote some days ago in that post I’m posting the same question again. I hope I can get a reply this time. Thank you in advance.

I would like to ask T212 if there is something like this being developed by T212 team: an annual tax report that will show for each dividend received:

  • date received
  • company
  • total gross amount in original currency (and received currency
  • total tax already paid in original currency (and received currency)

Also, something similar to capital gain (buy and sell of stocks and ETF’s).
I would like to know if there is something planned about adding this feature until the end of 2020.

Would make investing so much easier, without worrying to make numerous spreadsheets with the dividends received.


yearly reports have been requested and may be getting added to the main options since daily was removed.

also, if you don’t tag a T212 team member or the group, don’t expect to get a (timely) response.

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Thanks for the reply.
I actually tagged Tony and George on the previous post and they still didn’t answer. I might have tagged the wrong moderators for this particular question though.
Here’s the original post: