Add stock OZSC and WKSP

Hi Team,

I am new to this trading platform. I wanted to add stocks OZSC and WKSP please.
When will you be able to have it in your platform ? Thank you



@mani22 Both aren’t penny stock exempt.

Hi, please could the above stock be added?

Many thanks,

Hi @henrwallis

Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately only penny stock exempt OTC shares can be added. This isn’t.

To check please visit OTC markets and look for the penny stock exempt badge.

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Please add OTC $OZSC, thanks


Please can you add this stock? Going to moon and had goooooood future! Please!

Please add #ozsc @David

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me too please add!!!

@brinki @doticek34 @TimBobII @dragonball

If not already requested can you add Ozop Energy Solutions (OZSC)


It isn’t penny exempt so cannot be added.


good penny energy stocvk

It’s not on otc pink list

Unfortunately OZSC is not Penny Stock Exempt so cannot be added.

As per title please add OZSC stock as soon as possible as it has really good possibilities and I want to get In early and would hate to miss out.

Many thanks
Dave T


It isn’t Penny Stock Exempt so cannot be added.