Are there any investment trusts on Trading 212?

In broad terms, no
The notion of Inc and Acc comes from Unitised assets like Unit Trusts and OEICs.
In ITs youRe either Income or Growth. Income will pay out and it will be cash. Growth won’t pay out but there isn’t a procedural necessity to ‘notionally’ record a dividend the fund has received but not paid out to you.
Why? No honest idea to be 100% certain.
If you don’t want dividends on ITs find a fund that has 0 yield. But you won’t find it tagged ‘accumulation’

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Re Fees
Ignore management fee to a degree
Ongoing Charge is more relevant as it includes most of the fees YOU pay.
It comes directly out the fund and is reflected in the NAV
You don’t need to a pay it as a separate process. Exactly the same as ETFs , funds etc. It reduces your return by way of price, not by a future cash deduction from your account

ITs have performance fees some times. You’ll see ‘high watermarks’. That is to say the manager will take x% if the profits above a certain benchmark. In your example12.5% of the profits above that funds chosen scale of success. Be aware of them. But don’t panic about them.

If you see Transaction Costs it’s best to ignore them. Why? That’s an entire essay so I won’t explain the flawed methodology used to produce this metric, but trust me. It’s nonsense.

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