ENZC Penny stock

Hello, please can you add ENZC to the ISA? It has lots of recommendations. Many thanks. Maria


I’d love to hear your thoughts on Enzolytics Inc. ($ENZC).
They’ve just merged with BioClonetics and combining their technologies to create human antibodies for treating HIV.

More on that in their recent press release

I’m doing my DD now, but it sounds at least promising.

To Trading212 gang: would you consider adding Enzolytics Inc. ($ENZC) to T212?


If the company can guarantee strong numbers, ensure availability across the market and make it affordable then they could do well. side-effects will always be important to track as you will often find people reacting to a treatment in unexpected ways.

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Hi @maver1ck, is the stock “Penny Stock Exempt”?

Just asking because if it is an OTC stock and it is not penny stock exempt then T212 is very unlikely to add it.

It is OTC stock, but T212 has a lot of OTC stocks already. Me personally have stocks like $TLSS ($0.02042 / share) & $OPTI ($0.0884 / share) so I don’t think it’s a big problem.

You’re right. But HIV treatment has a long history, nearly every 3-4 years somebody claims that they are so close to creating anti-bodies, but so far none of those companies said they’ll be doing clinical trials anytime soon. That caught my interest in this company.

BTW I have personal bias to this type of news and tent do be overly optimistic, so I’m asking to be cautious about it and do your own DD.


@maver1ck, the T212 team have mentioned before that if an OTC stock does not qualify as “Penny Stock Exempt”, which requires meeting ONE of the three criteria in the screenshot in my previous post, then T212 will most likely not add it.

So I think it would be good if you check whether it meets any of the three criteria :slight_smile:.
Otherwise, I do agree that based on your information (without me doing any research) it sounds like a good stock to research :smiley:.


Oh, now I get what you’re saying.

By the looks of it ENZC meets the third criteria, which is Net tangible assets >$2MM for 3 years.

Info from OTC Markets: https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/ENZC/financials


If that is true, then great, lets hope that T212 can add it :smiley:.

However, looking at your screenshot, usually numbers in brackets are negative. Hence unfortunately my guess is that they have had net tangible assets of over minus (-)1600 over the last 3 years…
Lets see what the team say though. I hope that they can add it.

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Hi can you add

ENZC (ENZOlytics Inc.)

Many thanks

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can we get this trending again?

$ENZC is doing really well

Hi T212

Please can we get $ENZC listed!!!

This has been requested so many times but there are no responses!!

Please could we get Enzolytics Inc added when possible?

Many thanks

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@David when you get chance please (to Invest & ISA).

It isnt a Penny Exempt stock so cannot be added. You can check by visiting OTCmarkets.com and look for the badge.

I believe it does meet the criteria to be added…

Can someone from T212 confirm please?

Update: unfortunately not penny stock exempt. Stocks & ETFs requests - add here - #1096 by David

The easiest way to check this is here: OTC Markets | Official site of OTCQX, OTCQB and Pink Markets

It would say ‘Penny Stock Exempt’ on the right, alongside Verified Profile, etc.