Insane spread on CFD - How is this possible?

Do I miss something, how can you make any profit with such spread?

I am not a pro with cfd, but never saw such a spread with any instrument so far.

I would love to add more for the sell price of 8.77, instead paying 9.99, on the otherside it is weird to be not able to sell myself for that price in that moment.

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What was the market spread at the time?

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Sorry, like I said not a pro, where would I usually find such data for a specific time frame in retro?

At this point (market close), I was able to buy in “invest”-part of the app for 9.56 and sell for 9.20.
(I have positions in CFD and Invest for this instrument, that’s why I am so confused how it can be so different, especially with margin calls involved in cfd)

This might give you some explanation.

There are a few forum posts here about CFD spreads on T212 that you can maybe search for. Your screenshot, while indeed a wide spread, is mild compared to some of the spreads I’ve seen posted on here!