Multi Asset ETFs

This topic is definitely on my radar. Could we see any progress in having these added? It would certainly give T212 an upper hand against a certain other ‘Free Trading’ app and their community’s constant requests for ETFs in their tiny universe.

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Giving this one a new bump, because it’s an amazing list and very important now pies are here


Another bump for this list!

It’s all about the pies…

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Usually new securities were not added straight away as fractionals. So it might take first to add, then request for fractionals…

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Bump to this one, amazing list!

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Hate to be a bear, but with COVID reemerging and terrible Q2 reporting season starting in a few weeks, we have a high chance of a significant downturn.

These ETFs will help build a defensive portfolio that I’d argue we really could do with now.


For the themes section, would you consider
WisdomTree Artificial Intelligence UCITS (Acc) Ticker INTL
iShares Automation & Robotics UCITS (Acc) Ticker RBTX
WisdomTree Cloud Computing UCITS ETF (Acc) Ticker KLWD


Absolutely, they are sub sectors of some that I mentioned in my first post, but it’d be very good to have exposure to them. When XLK or QQQ is bullish, at times AI or the others you mentioned may even outperform within the broader basket of XLK

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Did any of the above Stocks that you suggested have being added to T212?

Nope, still waiting.

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nothing yet regarding most of them :frowning:

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