New feature - share lending - Impacts?

The incentive is you have earned a little extra return, from no work? It might just be pot luck that the shares you hold are not popular in share lending / shorting, possibly because they are well reputable companies with little risk?

Look after the pennies and the pounds take care of themselves as they say!


Does make me feel better about the 1p I’ve received so far :joy:

It would be nice if the fractional amounts earned are shown, like they are on earn interest on cash.

Agree that it’s useful and involves little effort. I’ll take the penny a month. Hopefully it’ll be 5 next month.

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I receive around 0.30 € everyday. So piece by piece :slight_smile:

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I earn 2p a day from £10 investment

2p a day from £10?

Something is wrong with mine then. I’ve earned 0p for a month and consistently lending out £100 a day-ish.

I’ll send you a DM shortly to check your account :pray:

Had it confirmed from support that earned interest, that doesn’t meet the minimum payment threshold, does not roll over. And is lost.

I am lending about £100-£150 a day since this feature went live and earned 1p in total.

Although we’re talking small numbers, this doesn’t feel fair.

Trading212 will still take their cut, but I get nothing for lending £100ish a day.

Put into context - 212 pay 50% of income earned. For any of us to earn 1p a day, 212 have to earn 2p+. Annualise that and from £100 they would need a return of 7.3% which is rather high.

I see share lending as a bonus, not part of my investment strategy and personally have earned pennies, but its better than a platform fee, or nothing which a lot of other brokers provide.

Also from the FAQs I read, I couldn’t find anything that said fractional pennies would be carried over, so I’ve always assumed it works on a round down basis which is fair.

I assumed it would work like “earn interest on cash.” I mean, it’s called “earn interest on shares.”

Earn interest on cash does roll over fractional amounts, so doesn’t require a huge leap of imagination or IT to apply that to earn interest on shares.

Yes earn interest on shares is a plus but not allowing the rollover is a poor decision. Both things can be true.