New IPOs going live TODAY (Fri 21st Aug)

Ah bugger. Meant to add that again today, apologies. Will add to tomorrow’s message if it doesn’t get picked up today.

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NASDAQ:NNOX (Nano-X Imaging Ltd -added :white_check_mark:


Hey can you add GPVRF?

I’d maybe search the forum for that ticker and if no previous requests exist, create a new post specifically for it.

This request is essentially closed so you’ll have more chance of getting eyes on a new request or adding your support to the same request if it already exists.

NYSE:CLA.U (Colonnade Acquisiton) will be highly demanded in the coming days from retail EV crazies, should be available on IB already.

Edit: Colonnade Acquisition Corp. Announces the Separate Trading of its Class A
Ordinary Shares and Warrants, Commencing on or about October 9, 2020

Only in units still.

Perhaps need to get on to IBKR about it…

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