New IPOs going live TODAY (Mon 7th March, ‘22) + BACKLOG

Good morning @David @Rumen @Y.M @S.K @MihailM

Today’s IPOs;
BME:ENRS (Enerside Energy)
NYSE:WNNR (Andretti Acquisition Corp.) - commons available
NDAQ:ACAB (Atlantic Coastal Acquisition Corp. II) - commons available
NDAQ:CSLM (Consilium Acquisition Corp I, Ltd.) - commons available
OTC:GVXXF (Goviex Uranium Inc)

LON:TMOR (More Acquisitions Plc)
LON:SAR (Sareum Holdings Plc)
LON:FLTB (Filta GroupHoldings Plc)

Would you mind adding to UK and EU platforms as soon as you can please? If possible please also make these fractional from the start.

I’ll request the following SPAC IPOs once commons are available;

  • None

Cheers guys,


cc. @StockRed @jurajpe @Ldmott96

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Apologies for the delay. Here is the list from Friday:

TMOR - not on IBKR :x:
MLJ21 - not on IBKR :x:
VCXB - :white_check_mark:
GHIX - :white_check_mark:
ITAQ - :white_check_mark:
PPYA - :white_check_mark:
ALDMS - :white_check_mark:
CABKA - :white_check_mark:
SAR - not on IBKR :x:
FLTB - not on IBKR :x:

Will add the rest of the companies from today in the afternoon.

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ENRS - :white_check_mark:
WNNR - :white_check_mark:
ACAB - not on IBKR :x:
CSLM - :white_check_mark:
GVXXF - too low market cap, we won’t add it :x: