Peak Fintech (OTC - PKKFF)

Could you resume trading with Peak fintech? He was disqualified from Nasdaq for the wrong form 40-F. It is currently traded on OTC under the symbol PKKFF, it is also available on Interactive Brokers.
Thank you

Unfortunately its not eligible for inclusion. Its not penny stock exempt.

Here’s a list of the requirements before a stock can be added:

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Before it was included on the NASDAQ, it could be traded on the T212 in the OTC market. It is not about adding a new stock, Peak is on the platform but on the NASDAQ (symbol TNT) , but it is not currently traded there and is temporarily moved to OTC (PKKFF) back …

So T212 won’t have anything to do with TNT being tradeable or not. PKKFF won’t be tradeable on T212 since it’s not penny stock exempt.

So explain to me how it’s possible that SUWN does not meet any of your requirements (Volume 400k and MC 8mil and is not a PSE) and can be traded…

Mistakes happen sometimes and requirements change. Feel free to request 212 remove your example from the platform.