Please add the list of the below:

Could you please add the below stocks frm the asian market: Inc
Park Systems Corp
Pacific Basin Shipping Ltd
Affle India Ltd
Hana Microelectronics PCL
Cyient Ltd
AEM Holdings Ltd
Uni-President China Holdings Ltd
Godrej Industries Ltd Shs Dematerialised
Blue Star Ltd Shs Dematerialised
Century Pacific Food Inc
PT Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk
Granules India Ltd
Redington (India) Ltd
Power Grid Corp Of India Ltd
Powertech Technology Inc
PT Arwana Citramulia Tbk

Thank you

T212 don’t currently support Asian markets yet.

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In which of following markets present in T212 are the stocks you request?


Do you read this?


@RLX your post should be a sticky, really useful.

In addition, would be clear if someone @ 212 could confirm details you have collated for us is accurate/complete. There might be exceptions to the rule and so on.

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I thought putting all sources and the legal stuff, but then I thought that it will only add more noise and make people more lazy to read all the post and the relevant info that matters.

(People already don’t read more simple and accessible information, laziness are recurrent, it’s more easy to ask someone the info they want instead of searching for it. They don’t even bother to use the search feature. It’s internet/social networks generation. Bring me all things I want, because I don’t want to make an effort or waste my time.)

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