SOLO stock addition

please solo Nasdaq stock thanks


I think everyone wants to see SOLO added. :+1:

We have about six threads now on it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is it possible to have this added soon @David @George @NickS @AlexK @anybody :pray:


Would love one of their eRoadsters.

Would also love their stock on 212. Bump!

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@David @George @Team212 20 weeks later

Everyone SOLO is added ! :fire::pray:t4::rocket:


Cheers :partying_face: :beers:

3.34 :tired_face: it was 1.87 5 days ago haha!

Don’t know if I would buy today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know but I don’t see this falling with the way the market going I might jump in a couple shares and if it goes below I’ll average down :joy::joy::tired_face:

Pre-market showing over 4 atm

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:joy::joy:I know 30 minutes to go if it’s any higher I’m not buying

Added way too late :neutral_face: :triumph: :rage: :weary:

this was requested a long time ago. sigh.

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I know doubled in price but I think we still got room for profits haha!

Every single person in community wanted solo it got added and I think every single person stayed clear of it :joy::joy: that’s how late we was

Is the expectation that it will crash tomorrow…?

I don’t think that’s seeing 1.80 again :joy: I bought at 4 and it’s hovered around that think it’s consolidating

Regardless of reaching 1.80 again, why is this way too late? You don’t think this can reach at least 10usd? Most EV stocks have achieved that with little sweat.

Hell, Nikola made 60 without a vehicle on the market and Hyliion looks like doing the same and they haven’t even merged yet. Workhorse jumped to 20 overnight.

I invested in SOLO as soon as the market opened. Caught 4.05 and still made 30% on investment. Think there’s legs in this one for even more once all the shorts piss off.

Not saying it’s to late! But I don’t like to buy just because it’s ev, some will fail or not be as successfuL, if ur in it for a gain then sell fair enough, I just feel like solo etc won’t be as popular as say arcimoto etc but I get you, I’m gna buy a few shares later this week. I literally bought one just to see what happened😂 Nikola better drop to 30 before I buy well overvalued

Yeah I came out of NKLA with profits and will buy in again when they level out, guessing 25-30. Maybe less.

I agree, I’ve dove into most EV stocks because of momentum but now want to assess which ones I’d stay in. I like what SOLO are trying to do with the one person vehicles, eliminating commuting. WKHS also have a nice usp with the drones, but I wonder how viable they are with their weight limit and it also feels like the next bait for scammers. NIO is finally looking like they might make some right the wrongs of their balance sheet, and BLNK… well they’re kind of a requirement. SHLL look good and for me have the best potential for income.

I’m stumped. But I’ve only just entered most of them (NIO AND TSLA my only long stays) so not in a rush to cash in on any in the near future.

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Same here, I wish I got in on that before merger at 10 would of been nice that averaged my way up slowly but adding to my position each time and I love what solo are trying to do i just don’t like there evs and designs etc, arcimoto on other hand I think Uber or food delivery should buy them out what a purchase that would be, rent evs to employees. Boom! Haha and blink I’m so annoyed I knew I should of added enough so where I could of sold and kept but I’m fully out of that now, to high atm on no news really, wait for a drop or I’ll go in on NEL? They do pretty much same thing in Europe etc so could be same