Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

Hello !
Please can you add :

Natixis (EPA: KN) :white_check_mark:
Atlas Air (NASDAQ: AAWW) :white_check_mark:
Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield (AMS: URW) :white_check_mark:

Thank you !

Please add Antero Midstream (AM) , Digital Turbine (APPS) and Eldorado Gold (EGO) ! Thank you!


Please add IS3S.DE - It’s the same as IWVL.L , but it’s in EURO and not threateaned by Brexit, as it’s on XETRA.


Please add

IUSP iShares US Property Yield UCITS ETF (Distributing) :white_check_mark:

Can you please add these stocks

Manulife Financial NYSE MFC :white_check_mark:
power corporation of canada :no_entry_sign:
Magna International :white_check_mark:

Thank you

It is posible to add this etf:

  1. iShares MSCI World Quality Factor UCITS - ticker IS3Q or IWQU :white_check_mark:
  2. iShares $ Treasury Bond 20+yr UCITS ETF - ticker DTLA :soon:
  3. Vanguard USD Treasury Bond UCITS ETF - ticker VDTA ? :soon:

Thanks a lot.


Hi there, would it be possible to add Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF (VWO) to the list of available ETFs?


Have a look at VFEM which is already available and UCITS compliant, unlike VWO.

Yeah, know this one but thanks. Was hoping for sth like VFEM but in USD - do you know if anything like this is available on T212?

How about XZEM which is priced in USD?

It is worth noting that VFEM is actually a USD-based ETF; only its price is expressed in GBP. Given the very low cost of currency exchange on the T212 platform, this one could suit, unless you have some dislike of instruments priced in GBP.

Hm, looks promising but will have to do more detailed check - thanks :slight_smile: not that i dislike GBP instruments, it’s just that in long term i believe more in USD than GBP. Could be irrational but well… thanks again :slight_smile:

The way I understand it, GBP has nothing to do with the investibility of VFEM. It is simply a measurement unit for something whose actual value is computed in USD but depends on values of emergency market companies. Like measuring a length in miles or km, the length is what it is. One needs to focus on the prospects of the companies in thr index and your trust in Vanguard. The pricing currency is an irrelevance.

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Yeah you’re right Richard, it only matters for conversion losses. If you think UK is doomed long term just don’t put money in UK stock.

Here’s a nice article on importance of currency for ETFs.

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Ok, let me explain my thinking, maybe i’m just not getting this. Let’s say VFEM is in GBP but it’s basis (VWO) is in USD, so the price of the basic fund depends on whatever the market price of elements in it + CNY/USD ratio for Chinese papers (or other currency for any other country). So VFEM price is VWO * GBP/USD. But my base currency is for example SEK, so my price for VFEM depends on SEK/GBP rate? Or do i overthink it and the only currency risk here is between USD and all these emerging market currencies?

EDIT:// just read the article above, it explains everything. Thank you both, no idea how i could’ve missed that, thought i’ve read enogh but clearly not, lol…

I’ve made this point in a number of my contributions to this community forum, after observing that many investors are confused about this issue and think that somehow the listing currency exposes them to currency risk. It’s nice to read this full explanation by Andrew Hallam. As he say, “Remember, the listed currency of your ETFs is practically irrelevant.

There might, however, be one reason to prefer one currency version of an ETF to another currency version, or vice versa. Look at the volume of trades. The version with greater volume is more popular and generally trades with smaller spread. This can be more of a cost factor for the investor than the foreign exchange spread.

Please add Avalara $AVLR please, thanks! :white_check_mark:

Please add:


NYSE: CHGG :white_check_mark:

Please add:

$ATIF - ATIF Holdings Limited - NASDAQ
$TBLT - Toughbuilt Industries, Inc - NASDAQ
$CHEK - Check Cap - NASDAQ
$FRSX - Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd - NASDAQ CM
$CREG - China Recycling Energy Corporation - NASDAQ

Thank you!


Please may I request Xero Limited listed ASX:XRO.

Thank you


@Aziz2589 what stock exchange is that? because I don’t think we have it.