Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

The also own Rubik’s Cube and rights for How to train your dragon. Plus other(successful) educational kids apps for the phone.


Not looking promising I’m afraid. Average volume is only 601…!

It also doesn’t seem to be present on IBKR.

Yeah I spy the tiny logo in the bottom right with the S.

Looks like they do Mighty Express too, and Monster Jam.

Quite a lot of things our family likes.

@David, any update on adding other exchanges? It feels like its been a year since you mentioned they would be added.

I saw the volume. Didn’t checked the IBKR availability. Well if it wouldn’t be possible to add, then my only option is to patiently wait for TSE addition to T212.

@David Any news on this? Can you give us a timeline for this batch and an idea of the methodology that will be used to choose the selected ETFs?


Please can we look to add First Property Group - ticker FPO onto the platform

Please, could you add the following Spanish Stocks?:

Grenergy Renovables (GRE)
Audax Renovables (ADX)
Elecnor (ENO)
Aedas Homes (AEDAS)
Proeduca Altus (PRO)
Edreams Odigeo (EDR)
Global Dominion Access (DOM)

Thank you very much!

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Hi, please add Avacta

Hi. Could UP Fintech Holding (TIGR) please be added and as fractional

Hi, is there a possibility for Vags fractional?

Hi, please add these stocks (Bolsa de Madrid):

Prisa (PRS)
Talgo (TLGO)
Realia (RLIA)
Alantra Partners (ALNT)
Atrys Health (ATRY)
Arteche (ART)
Parlem (PAR)

Thanks and kind regards

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Will you be adding MMAT anytime soon?

Please add Valereum Blockchain Plc (VLRM.PL) and Quantum Blockchain Technologies Plc (QBT. L).

Thanks @Team212

Can you please add the alternative currency listing of the following ETF’s?

TRET - VanEck Vectors Global Real Estate UCITS ETF (EUR) - XETRA
VGWD - Vanguard FTSE All-World High Dividend Yield UCITS ETF (EUR) - XETRA

Also, I would like both of them to be added as fractional shares.

Thank you in advance!

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Please, could you add these stocks from the Bolsa de Madrid stock exchange?

Codere (CDR)
Laboratorio Reig Jofre (RJF)
Renta 4 Banco (R4)


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Hi, Trading 212 Team,
Could you please add the following ETF’s to the platform as fractional shares, please?

TRET - VanEck Vectors Global Real Estate UCITS ETF - XETRA - EUR

This ETF is available in EUR in Amsterdam Exchange and in Borsa Italiana but the XETRA version is far more liquid than the other two, and also in EUR.

The other request is

VGWD - Vanguard FTSE All-World High Dividend Yield UCITS ETF - XETRA - EUR

This ETF is currently available in Trading212 only for $ or £, and I wish it would be possible to buy the most liquid version of this ETF in EUR, in XETRA.

Thank you in advance!


Feedback noted :memo:

Keep an eye out for a further update from our end.

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What are with $SSIT (Seraphim Space Investment Trust) at London Excange???

What do you mean? @Shorty68DE

Do you mean to ask why it’s not on 212, in which case the answer is Interactive Broker haven’t added it to their securities list yet.

If you mean to ask if it is trading in the exchange yet, then yes it is: