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Can we please have oreaf added?

South Korea stock exchange isn’t an eligible stock exchange.

See the eligible stock exchanges and financial instruments in here:

There is a marvelous feature in this community forum, it’s called search, and it’s on the superior right corner:


If you use it, you could find out more about your request, and even avoid asking for it.

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Thank you. I had read through all oreaf posts I could find and from what I could see, it was refused. Yesterday, I got into a conversation with someone off platform who said that oreaf was going to be added here but I could find no further news.

I am quite unfamiliar with this site so it’s possible I missed it.
Thank you

Is it possible to add Slate Grocery REIT (stock symbol SRRTF ) ? Thank you in advance ! :no_entry_sign:

Hello - I think the answer would be no. The reason being its not Penny Stock Exempt.

The OTC details of the stock are:

And the following link should give more background on the current list of stocks that can be added to the platform:


Could you please allow TLSS trading again … Meets all trading requirements(Volume, market cap, pse) on T212 …for example, SUWN does not meet any of your requirements (Volume 400k and MC 8mil and is not a PSE) and can be traded.
Thank you for your reply @Tony.V @Team212

Please add EXI2 iShares Dow global titans 50 DE etf .it is listed on the interactive brokers.

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@Veshy - TLSS is still available. Do you mean on the EU platform?

Could you please add DTM Midstream (Ticker DTM ) as fractional ? Thank you in advance !

I mean this :arrow_down:


Please help to add: Industrial Logistics Properties Trust

Thank you.


Can you add Curaleaf Holdings INC. (OTC: CURLF) to EU platform.


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Is there any news regarding adding this stock ??
Please add Valens Semiconductor Ltd. (VLN)

It was a SPAC stock PTK Acquisition (PTK) before the reverse merger
Valens Semiconductor Ltd. (VLN) is semi conductor (chip) manufacturer focusing on high-speed chips for the audio-video and automotive markets.

Hi. Would be great if this could be added to ISA in UK.
Ticker - FFND

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Welcome to our community.

Not possible. US-domiciled ETFs, mutual funds, CEFs aren’t allowed in EU/UK due UCITS legislation.

Before asking new additions, consider reading this:

Hello Admin,

Any chance ISWH can be added into the platform? I checked on my friend’s IB and it’s there. It has 190M market cap, trading at $2.83 per share with Daily average volume of 1M.


Doesn’t seem to be Penny Stock Exempt.

Any chance you could add Quantum Blockchain please? $QBT on LSE

It doesn’t look like it’s available on IBKR, so T212 can’t provide.