Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

Can you add LSE: RCOI (Riverstone Credit Opportunities Income Plc)?

@Joey_Fantana , any chance of adding this on the Daily Requests? :wink:

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Looking into possibilities to see following instruments live on T212.

3TYL : IE00BKT09032 - Borsa Italiana - EUR

3GOL/PCFP : IE00B8HGT870 - Borsa Italiana/Xetra - EUR

3USL/US9L : IE00B7Y34M31 - Borsa Italiana/Xetra - EUR

3OIL : IE00BMTM6B32 - Borsa Italiana- EUR

3NGL/NGXL : IE00BLRPRG98 - Borsa Italiana/Xetra - EUR

Looking also for Commodities 3x and 20+ Y US Treasury 3x…

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Hi, could you add the following stock?
NVIDIA: US67066G1040 - Borsa Italiana/Xetra - EUR

Guys can you please add $RICK?
NASDAQ: RICK - RCI Hospitality Holdings, Inc.
Many thanks in advance!

Hi, there was already some time ago a request for CONSTELLATION SOFTWARE INC (ticker CNSWF in US or W9C in Europe/Frankfurt because you cant obiously add CAD stock). Can you please look into it again and add it to BOTH EU/UK accounts? Thanks

It didn’t have anywhere near the required volume to be added. It was me who asked.

It’s usual that the secondary listings have small trading volume. For example, European & Canadian listed stocks with a secondary listing in US OTC. Or US Stocks listed also in European stock exchanges (including EDRs, GDRs).

Normally the secondary listings are less liquid due to small trading volumes, making it difficult to buy or sell. Especially selling during sell-offs periods. Also stocks with less liquidity, have larger bid-ask spreads. Any unusual trading volume will cause higher volatility, provoking higher bid-ask spreads.

Not always good to buy secondary listings due to those. When possible it’s always better to go to the primary original listing.

Artemis resources please, ARV.

There is a wonderfully useful search button at the top right of the forum.


Saves people getting their hopes up and saves 212’s time in having to repeat themselves over and over again. As someone who wasn’t here during the dark days of ARK you don’t have a right to comment I’m afraid. It was painful.

Plus - you’re adding nothing to the discussion here, just drop it and move on.


Mr Trade needs some cooling off time.

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Please add CPH2 on AIM

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Can you please make this share as fractional?

In T212 Web app and mobile app, still don’t have the graph:


@Hris.M ; @Bogi.H

Hello, could you please add these Invesco ETFs?

Name = Invesco S&P 500 UCITS ETF EUR Hdg Acc
Ticker Xetra = E500
Web site = S&P 500 UCITS ETF EUR Hdg Acc | Trading information

Name = Invesco Physical Gold EUR Hedged ETC
Ticker Xetra = 8PSE
Ticker Swiss = SGLE
Web site = Physical Gold EUR Hedged ETC | Trading information

Thanks :slight_smile: .


PLEASE ADD CFVI nasdaq CF Acquisition Corp. VI

CFVI has been on for a while - where are you based? You requesting for the EU platform?

yes I’m requesting from Italy

Why can’t I operate with it in europe?

It just hasn’t been added to that platform yet as it is newer and the T212 team are working hard to make it as up to date as the UK one. It’s requested in the right place so hopefully one of the developers will get to it soon for you.