Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

Hello @Team212,

can you add:
IQQA and VGWD - both XETRA?

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Can the below be added:
ISIN: LU2345046655
Ticker: EMXG
Name: Amundi MSCI EX China ESG Select
Exchange: LSE
Currency: GBP/GBX

and also with fractional

Thank you for adding this, Can this be made Fractional?

Can the below be added?

State Bank Of india
ISIN: US8565522039 Ticker: SBID Exchange: LSEIOB

Axis Bank Ltd
ISIN: US05462W1099 Ticker: AXB Exchange: LSEIOB

Gail india Ltd
ISIN:US36268T2069 Ticker:GAID Exchange:LSEIOB

Tata Steel Ltd
ISIN:US87656Y4061 Ticker:TTST Exchange:LSEIOB

Thank you for adding “Xtrackers Nasdaq 100 UCITS ETF”
Ticker: XNAQ
Currency: GBP

Can this be made fractional?

Could you please add the below:

Name: Roundhill Ball Metaverse UCITS ETF
ISIN: IE00082BU3V4
Ticker METV listed on XETRA
Currency: EUR

@vvsvin - I tried these the last time you asked however the response was as below;

Thank you @Joey_Fantana for following up my request.
Is there a timeline when these might be added as they are not planning to add now?

I’m afraid I don’t work for T212 so I can only accept the response they give, however in my experience, these decisions are usually made due to reasons related to regulatory/reputational risk or technical complexity, which is why I believe they do not try and placate us with unrealistic timelines - that would only exacerbate the demand if they can’t ful fil their promises.

Hello team,

Can you please make fractional the below ETFs?

EPRA - LU1437018838

Thank you in advance!

Could you please add the Euro version of that ETF?

Could you please make these 4 ETFs fractional?

ISIN Name Bloomberg Ticker Exchange
LU1615092217 BNP Paribas Easy MSCI World SRI S-Series PAB 5% Capped UCITS ETF EMWE FP Euronext
IE00BLR6Q544 Global X Video Games & Esports UCITS ETF HERU IM Borsa Italiana
IE00BYZK4776 iShares Healthcare Innovation UCITS ETF HEAL IM Borsa Italiana
IE00BLRPRR04 Rize Environmental Impact 100 UCITS ETF WRLD GY Xetra

Any updates on this, We would love to see more Euro listings!
I already use HUF, Deposit in Euro then Buy shares in Pound, FX : (

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@Team212 Please add the following ETF in GBP please, all are already available in other currencies but just GBP missing.

Ticker: TREG
ISIN: NL0009690239
Full Name: VanEck Vectors Global Real Estate UCITS ETF

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I’d also like to see this added. At 0.25%, it may be the cheapest way to get passive exposure to global property.

As an aside, does anyone know the UK tax implications, if any, of holding a Netherlands-domiciled ETF? I know Ireland and Luxembourg are usually the best bet and there can be tax implications for France-domiciled ETFs, as an example.

Thanks for the reply.

The issue is that those inverse funds are too sporadic whereas the real Tuttle ETF has more consistent growth. I’d like to see Tuttle as an option as it’s kicking ARKKs ass.

Unfortunately you’ll not be able to get any of the Tuttle ETFs in Europe as they’re not UCITS compliant.

Request to be added:


Posted in 22/4/2022


@wsj - are these request for addition to the European platform?


Correct, is there another platform besides the european?

Yes, the original platform is now the UK platform and the European came in later, hence why there are so many stocks missing from it. Not an easy job to replicate the catalogue, they need to be added manually again.

I believe T212 are intermittently doing this in bulk at the moment.