Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

These tickers seems to be garnering a lot of attention and popularity. Appears to be great additions. Could you please be kind to add them to the broker please? Much appreciated.


Would it be possible to add DTIL as a CFD tradeable stock please?

Yes I am also looking for this stock to be added $LIT.

I am also looking for $FTCVU :white_check_mark:

Can you add $ALPP on ISA? I want to buy and forget :smiley: :no_entry_sign:


Would love to see
EHang Holdings NASDAQ: EH
added to ISA platform.




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ALPP is already available

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It’s not on ISA it’s only on invest… They only just got listed so I’m hoping you add them soon

Would agree with this should be there tbh…

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If it ONLY trades on OTC market then it is not ISA eligible

yeah but what I’m saying is they just got listed and it will be on NASDAQ soon. That’s why I’m asking if you gonna add them…

They have already received the confirmation for listing.

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You mean this Nasdaq

If so, no. This is still an OTC segment.

If they have applied to list on another segment of Nasdaq, maybe.

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which they have applied that’s why I’m telling you… haha
why aren’t you listening?

also can you add $NNDM on ISA? They are on Nasdaq.


wait… are you even one of the mods here? lol

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Nndm is not ISA eligible as an ADR without a qualifying parental listing

No, I don’t work for T212 so calm down

I’ll bail out of this conversation thanks and bye


haha good one! I appreciate your time and effort replying though :smiley:

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Hi, please could you add:

  • JADA :no_entry_sign:
  • TONJ :interrobang:
  • TKSI :interrobang:
  • ALPP :white_check_mark:
  • ENZC :no_entry_sign:
  • EMHLF :no_entry_sign:

Could you please add $SNRY? :no_entry_sign:

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@Team212 can you add $BANT - Bantec Inc. Please :white_check_mark:


I like this ticket to be added too @David <3

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