Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

Please add GBP version ISIN IE00B57X3V84, Ticker IGSG iShares global sustainability.thank you

Nokia - Euronext Paris (in Euro)

Hello Team, is it possible to have an update on these stocks please? thanks!

Hydratec Industries AMS: HYDRA
Vetoquinol EPA:VETO
Delta Plus Group EPA:ALDLT
Catana Group EPA:CATG
Aubay EPA: AUB

Dear Team,

Please kindly add:

iShares MSCI Korea UCITS ETF (Dist) (IKOR.MI)


iShares MSCI Korea UCITS ETF (Dist) (IQQK.DE)

Much appreciated.

can we request to unlock stocks that state buying has been withdrawn to prevent unfavourable execution?

AIM stocks are at all time low and liquidity has gone, which means the market is now very inefficient and a perfect time for me to start trying to buy in

For example I have been keeping an eye out on Westminster group and just cant buy. If stocks like these are unavailable on your platform, why bother listing them?

I know the standard response is IB have stopped letting us buy, but how do we go about requesting a particular stock to become available again?

Ticker: MSBHF

Please add WisdomTree Japan Equity UCITS ETF JPY Acc in Euros.

Ticker: WTIZ (Xetra)

I have requested this one. Any news?

Hi, can you please add 3EML - WisdomTree Emerging Markets 3x Daily Leveraged


Please add the following in EUR (XETRA or Borsa Italiana)

LU2009202107 - Lyxor MSCI Emerging Markets Ex China UCITS ETF - Acc

Please add a listing on Euronext Paris of the following ETF (EU entity)

IE00BMG6Z448, Ticker MTPI - iShares MSCI EM ex-China UCITS ETF USD (Acc)

I know it is already available but I want to invest in a listing quoted in EUR which is not available.

Please add XETRA listing in EUR of the following ETF for EU entity

IE00BYXVGY31, ticker FUSA - Fidelity US Quality Income ETF

Thank you in advance.

Hi folks,

Could I request the following stocks:

LSE: Engage XR (EXR)
NYSE: John Wiley & Sons Class A (WLY)
Euronext Paris: Iliad SA (ILD)

Could you please add


Thanks, A.

Thank you for your patience :pray:

The request is still under review, but we’ll update the thread as soon as there is any news.

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Is it possible to add FR( First Industrial Realty Trust?). It is listed on NYSE

Please add the following ETF (EU entity) from XETRA in EUR

LU2572257124, ticker AHYQ

I take it back. I no longer insist on that ETF.

Now the only missing piece for me is the following ETF.

IE00BMG6Z448, ticker MTPI, listing in EUR available for EU entity

Thank you in advance.

Could it be possible to add VGSH (short term US treasury ETF) from the NASDAQ exchange?

Never mind, I will use another etf instead. Have a nice day :smiley:

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@Team212 any update on this?

Apologies for the delay in adding new instruments recently. We do have plans to add a fresh batch this week, so we’ll keep you posted :ok_hand: