Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

Hi Bogi.H
Any particular reason for t212 stop adding new instruments?
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Please add Alpine Summit Energy Partners ALPSQ with almost the same borrowing rate from Interactive Brokers. It has almost 1100 percent borrowing fee. Thank you !

Please add GBP version SPPY Etf exchange LSEETF . Listed on ibkr .regards

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Please could you add


Thank you

Can you please add another popular Artemis fund on Trading212. Please can you add:-
Artemis Smartgarp Global Emerging Markets Equity Fund Class I Inc Gbp (0P00015JYI). I would like to add this fund to my pie. Thankyou.


Can you please add Invesco Nasdaq 100 ESG Uctis ETF acc
London stock exchange ticker NESP


Simple answer: Investment Funds/Mutual Funds aren’t eligible in T212.

Hint: Non-listed (non-tradeable on exchanges) financial instruments aren’t eligible in T212.

More info in here:

What about index funds?

In case you don’t know what are index funds, index funds can be listed (ETFs) or non-listed (investment funds/mutual funds).

Funds can have active management (non-index funds) or have passive management (index funds).

Non-listed funds can be active or index funds.
ETFs can be active or index funds.

NOTE: ETF = Exchange-traded fund

More info on eligible instruments in the topic I posted previously.

I was curious about adding Beigene BGNE to my pie, i found it only at mobile as view only, also seen some old request here at forum with the fractional shares available at the end. What happened?

Hello T212 and members
Is it possible to add IE00BK5BQX27 Vanguard FTSE Developed Europe UCITS ETF (EUR) Accumulating in Xetra or Borsa or euronext amesterdam please.

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Just so others are aware T212 have stopped taking these requests temporarily. I guess they have a lot going on with the new features being introduced…

Could you please add IE00B3VWN518 on LSE (CBU0)?

Could you please add ETF; SMH and the Kingdom of Saudi market as well !

Could you please add FR0010755611, symbol 18MF, Amundi ETF Leveraged MSCI USA Daily UCITS?
Thank you.

Please could you add Arm Holdings PLC (ARM)

:point_right: US-listed ETFs/ETNs/ETCs aren’t allowed to European-resident retail investors, so T212 or other European brokers can’t add them.
(There are European versions of most US-listed ETFs.)

:point_right: Interactive Brokers don’t have access to this market, so T212 can’t add it.
(Most mainstream brokers don’t offer Saudi Arabia Stock Exchange.)

Read this topic about the eligible instruments:

It’s already added. Assuming you’re looking in your ISA, it’s not available for purchase there. Look in your GIA.

So many stocks have been limited today

$KTRA (sell only)
$SISI (sell only)
$AGRI (cannot purchase)
$BIOL (£25 worth of shares only)
$PRSO (£50 worth of shares only)

Please fix this for the future as many people and myself do not trade less than £100 , as other brokers are allowing the purchase of over £300 worth.

I will strive to help T212 become the best place to trade on! :slight_smile:

Thank you kindly @Bogi.H