Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

For UK investors yes… Amundi Prime All Country is even cheaper for EU investors

Can you please add Allied Properties REIT ( ticker symbol AP-UN.TO ) ? Thank you.

Adding to others requesting JPMorgan Global Equity Premium Income UCITS ETF USD (dist) ticker - JEPG for ISA accounts.

Seen it’s been on IBKR for a good while so would assume T212 would be able to add it at some point.


Can I have 1523.HK in the ISA? Now only available in the CFD.

Hello T212 Team, can you please add:

Amundi S&P Global Information Technology ESG UCITS ETF DR EUR (A)


Invesco S&P World Information Technology ESG UCITS ETF Acc


Thank you.

Please can you add dxyz it is a few weeks old but would be great to have this and start using it.

Hi - If possible can you please add both SPSY (Spectra Systems) and SOLI (Solid State) both FTSE AIM stocks. Thanks.


I would like to make a request for Marble Point Loan Financing from the London Stock Exchange to be added to the platform.

Many thanks,

Can you please add some pharma and agri ETF’s please?

Thank you

Hi @Maayan - do you have any specific funds in mind?

AIGA ($) and AIGAP (Euro) are available for agriculture.

While not pharma specific there are a couple of healthcare funds you might want to check out:
PCGH - Polar Capital Global Healthcare Trust
IHCU - ishares S&P 500 Health care sector
WWH - Worldwide Healthcare Trust
BIOT - L&G Pharma breakthrough

Can you please add Graham Corporation (NYSE:GHM) to the EU platform?

hey, can you please add ETFs:

UBS ETF (IE) MSCI ACWI Socially Responsible UCITS ETF (USD) A-acc; ISIN IE00BDR55471
Amundi MSCI World ESG Leaders UCITS ETF Acc; ISIN IE00016PSX47
Xtrackers MSCI AC World ESG Screened UCITS ETF 1C; ISIN IE00BGHQ0G80
UBS ETF (IE) Global Gender Equality UCITS ETF USD A-dis; ISIN IE00BDR5GT91

Thank you

Hello everyone!

Kind request to add the following ETFs:

VanEck Vectors Global Equal Weight UCITS ETF [TGET] NL0009690221 Euronext Amsterdam

VanEck AEX UCITS ETF [TDT] NL0009272749 Euronext Amsterdam

VanEck Sustainable World Equal Weight UCITS ETF [TSWE] NL0010408704 Euronext Amsterdam

Many thanks in advance!

Greetings all.

This is my first message as I only opened my account yesterday.

I’m interested in the following and would like to know if anyone else has invested and your views.

IE0003WV2ME7 ticker ISPE S&P 500 Equal weight tracker.


Hello T212 Team, please add Xtrackers MSCI Innovation UCITS ETF 1C (IE0006FFX5U1). Thank you.

Please add

Amundi Fed Funds US Dollar Cash UCITS ETF Acc

ticker: FEDF
ISIN: LU1233598447
price currency: USD

Note that you already provide FEDG (the GBP variant of the same underying fund), I am requesting the shares priced in USD called FEDF


$DXYZ Please can you add?

Could you add NYSE:MPLX ?

ISIN US55336V1008

Stock Addition request:
Name: Tiny Ltd
Ticker: TNYZF
Exchange: OTCQX
ISIN: CA88770A1003

Available on IBKR. :white_check_mark:

Thank you

Hey, everyone - I know it’s been a while :wave:

We haven’t completely stopped adding new instruments, so here are some of the suggestions that were recently approved and are now available:

@Vedran - MLPD is now available :white_check_mark:
@Dean1 - VLGEA is now available :white_check_mark:
@PrudentRabbit - EBS is now available :white_check_mark:
@LearnerEarner - SBNY is now available :white_check_mark:
@DKeogh - EMXC is now available :white_check_mark:
@HopelessFool @Danny27404 @0xKobalt - DXYZ is now available :white_check_mark:
@pero @HuskyDogg @TraderUK - SPYL/SPXL are now available :white_check_mark:

Regarding our last statement - we plan to resume adding instruments as often as before in the near future, so keep the suggestions coming :pray: