Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

EUA.L - Eurasia Mining please!

once more, could you please consider adding clickstream media CLIS :white_check_mark:

Please add Unilever stock (NYSE: UL)

Yes, I do know we got the other 3 tickers but I already have some UL stocks with another broker and once you implement portfolio transfer I would like to have them in trading 212


Hello, could you add these food companies to Trading212 please @Tony.V @David :

  • John B. Sanfilippo and Son (NASDAQ:JBSS)
  • Lamb Weston Holdings (NYSE:LW)

Would be much appreciated!



Please add Cleanspark (CLSK) ASAP, thanks a lot!

Could you urgently please add DAO - $Youdao please.

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Can you please add ARR :white_check_mark: and ORC :soon: ? Thank you in advance !

Anyone ever actually had a request actioned?

I am told I am in a queue (from months ago) but no one publishes the queue or any expected timescale. Just get sarcastic responses and no action.

Myself and a few other have asked before but Please can you add CLSK Cleanspark as soon as you possibly can.

Many thanks

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Could you please add USAC :soon: and GLAD :white_check_mark: please ? Thank you in advance !

please add $TCS :white_check_mark:


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Please add Sumo Logic (SUMO)

NYSE: SWCH - Switch Inc. - cloud and data centers
NYSE: VALE - Vale S.A. - the largest producer of iron ore and nickel in the world


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Please make Albemarle and Band fractional. Also for Vale and I share Nick

Would it be possible to add Yiren digital (yrd:nyse)? :white_check_mark:

Thanks in advance for any reply

I am looking for the following to trade via Trading Account and move the positions from eToro.

  1. USO- United States Oil Fund in USD :no_entry_sign:

  2. SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF Trust in USD :no_entry_sign:

3.Vangard Information Technology ETF in USD :no_entry_sign:

  1. Vanguard S&P500 in USD :no_entry_sign:

  2. iShares MSCI India ETF in USD :no_entry_sign:

  3. Realogy Shares :white_check_mark:

Seritage Growth Properties : NYSE: SRG :white_check_mark:

Please add.



Can you also add the following investment trusts please.

Bankers - BNKR :white_check_mark:
Blackrock North America - BRNA :white_check_mark:
Blackrock world mining - BRWM :white_check_mark:
CQS New City high yield - NCYF :white_check_mark:
European Assets - EAT :white_check_mark:
F&C Investment Trust - FCIT :white_check_mark:
Finsbury Growth & Income - FGT :white_check_mark:
Monks - MNKS :white_check_mark:
J P Morgan Global Growth & Income - JGGI :white_check_mark:
Seneca Global Income - SIGT :soon:
Schroeder Oriental - SOI :white_check_mark:
Scottish American - SAIN :white_check_mark:
Securities Trust of Scotland - STS :white_check_mark:
Shires Income - SHRS :white_check_mark:
Standard Life Private Equity - SLPE :white_check_mark:
Temple Bar - TMPL :white_check_mark:
Troy Income & Growth - TIGT :white_check_mark:

PLease add them as fractional shares if possible. Also you already have MYI and LWI and LWDB but please make these fractional asap

Thank you

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Would be great to get:
Daqo New Energy Corp. - DQ :white_check_mark:


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Tortoise Acquisition Corp II (NYSE: SNPR.U) please