Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

Could you please add $SNRY? :no_entry_sign:

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@Team212 can you add $BANT - Bantec Inc. Please :white_check_mark:


I like this ticket to be added too @David <3

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I have been keeping an eye on this. I hope you guys can add BANT asap. :sunglasses: would be so wonderful

Hi Could you please add Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc.

The Ticker is ASTI :no_entry_sign:



Agreed @AlteredCarbon $BANT needs to be added ASAP!


Could you please add CLEVELAND-CLIFFS (CLF) to the CFD section?

Thank you,

Hello Trading212 team!

Could you please add to the platform stock called SEOVF (Sernova Corp)? It has the ‘penny exempt’ stamp. @David

Thank you!


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IDNA iShares Genomics Immunology and Healthcare ETF (iShares Genomics Immunology and Healthcare ETF | IDNA)
iShares HEALTH
iShares Exponential Technology

OTC stock called AMLM is a ‘penny exempt’ could you please add it? Thank you


Thank you for your response. Are you able to add GSRX. I have checked it is penny stock exempt.


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GSRX, AMLM and SEOVF are all ‘penny stock exempt’ please add :slight_smile:

Please add

$MSNVF ( Mission Ready Solutions Inc.)

Also listed in Canada MRS and Frankfurt 2R4



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Looks like BANT has been added… you can track here >>>


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Please can you add OTC stock Xeriant Inc (Ticker $XERI)?

Many thanks

@Bunghi @Sal AMLM, GSRX & SEOVF - :white_check_mark:

@vostonk - NSBVF is not penny stock exempt. @rjee198 Neither is $XERI. :x:

@Mal1 BANT - :white_check_mark:


@Team212 Can you please add this ETF and make it fractional?

VanEck Vectors Semiconductor UCITS IE00BMC38736
Ticker: SMH

Thanks in advance!

Hi, please may you add Sea Ltd (Ticker: SE). Thank you for your help.

@juniortrader SE’s already on the platform although it is not eligible to be held within an Isa.