Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

It just hasn’t been added to that platform yet as it is newer and the T212 team are working hard to make it as up to date as the UK one. It’s requested in the right place so hopefully one of the developers will get to it soon for you.


Xtrackers MSCI Nordic UCITS ETF - XDN0

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Please add Capital Power Corp. stock. Ticker: either CPX.TO or OTC: CPXWF.


would it be possible to add:

Rubis (FR0013269123)
Gecina (FR0010040865)
Altarea (FR0000033219)


Kindly add as soon as IB broker introduces Asx1 submarket of AIM

HZM.L listed on AIM

Horizonte Minerals plc

Thank you

Edit: Thanks everyone, did not realize Asx1 is part of AIM and IB had no access. Hope IB introduces Asx1

This one’s not available on IB so 212 are unable to add.

Have a look here for the basic requirements:


Neither can be added. See here why: Stocks & ETFs requests Help

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Hi, kindly add

This ETF tracks the MSCI World Value Exposure Select Index, which is different from IWFV already on Trading 212 (MSCI World Enhanced Value Index) as it has a quality filter.

Hi, kindly add

SSE is not available on 212. Here’s a list of available markets:
Stocks & ETFs requests Help

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@cappuccnio_nl ;

Hi, I would like to ask the Trading 212 team to add the following ETF:

  • Ossiam Shiller Barclays Cape® US Sector Value TR 1C (EUR) (EUR) | CAPU

Thank you!

Hi @JKAndrex - unfortunately I can’t include ETFs in my requests as T212 said last year that these take a lot more time and manpower to add than regular stocks, so they intend to add a bulk batch of ETFs at some point in the future, however they can’t say when.

Labour intensive I suspect so tough for them to advise a timeframe.

Ok, thank you @Joey_Fantana

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Cleantech Lithium IPO in March on AIM

Would be awesome if we could have access early on

Thank you!

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Me too, I really need the long 20+ accumulating bond:
iShares $ Treasury Bond 20+yr UCITS ETF - ticker DTLA

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Would it be possible to add Goviex Uranium Inc?
Ticker: GVXXF

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Prime Global ETF ISIN LU2089238203
Please add ticker PRAW to Börse Xetra

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Please add to EU version:

  • Montanaro European Smaller Companies IT
  • Mobius IT

Please add

Chesapeake Gold Corp.

OTCQX ticker is: CHPGF

And would be awesome if we could get access to Toronto and venture exchange. So many juicy companies over there

Many thanks @Team212