Temporary BUY Restrictions on Illiquid OTC Penny Stocks

Trading 212 please update us regarding the restrictions and what progress have been made.
Please STOP controlling the free market.


no-one is controlling the free market. it is functioning just fine on it’s own.

I don’t agree with this point.

The opposite of buying (opening long position) is not selling (closing long position) - it’s short selling (opening a short position).

  • Open long (buy) → Close long (sell)
  • Open short (sell) → Close short (buy)
  • Open long <-> Open short (opposite actions)

“YOU” will be the one manipulating the market if you only restrict opening long positions without restricting opening close positions. Short selling is not possible in T212 anyway.

You can’t restrict people from closing their positions, you can only restrict them from opening new ones in any direction.

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I was talking about simple buying and selling, as the OP implied as I read it, you are talking about something different so we are comparing apples and oranges here.

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There’s two things hopefully everyone can see

  1. It’s manipulation by definition to only allow selling, HOWEVER T212 makes up a negligible amount of the total traders on a stock. So if fewer than 1% are unable to buy that’s not large enough to have any significant impact.

Should “they” (T212 / IB / the regulators) be allowed to say what are potential pump and dump stocks are or restrict them, I would say no personally. Is it illegal? I’m not a lawyer. It’s most likely their game their rules.

  1. This isn’t T212 just doing it for fun, the instructions are coming from above. They are clearly doing it to protect their business. What I believe they can do is be a lot more transparent in what’s going on.

I think T212 could have just kept and eye on stocks and stepped in if they felt they would be impacted by allowing p&d traffic via their platform. From a business perspective I can see it’s far easier to just prevent them than monitor. From memory the decision is at IBs side so (maybe) out of their hands regardless of how they feel.


Found it :joy::eyes::eyes:
Thank you

Are 212 still ‘working hard to find a solution’ as their customer service teams have been prepped to repeat? I do wonder what all the hard work is achieving. Perhaps an update on timelines?


It would be nice to see what actions have been taken to resolve this issue.

Publishing any correspondence between you and IBKR or if the internal correspondance info is not appropriate for public consumption then explain some examples of how you are trying to reach a working resolution on this.

Setting some timelines for further updates, 1month, 6months.

Comms have been pretty poor on this situation really and its rocked my faith in buying anymore OTC stocks to be honest.




It would be nice to get an update on how long it takes to investigate the cases of Bantec and Adomani.

Thank you


Banning definitely penny stocks, could avoid a lot of problems for brokerages. Or limiting penny stocks only to professional investors and institutional.

Some financial institutions don’t have penny stocks due to the potential regulation investigations and temporary restrictions.


IQST now uplisted to OTCQB and yet 212 still refusing people buying privileges.


You can NEVER over communicate. But you can under communicate. The lack of comms from 212 on this issue is frustrating.


I sold all my OTC stock with T212 and moved in with their intermediary. There you can trade these stocks and yes the fees are higher but at least they explain things properly.


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I’m not sure why this was flagged? It doesn’t seem right that people’s opinions are being censored?

I’m not by any stretch saying that I agree with it, but there doesn’t seem anything untoward?


it doesn’t have the reference to community action in the flag so it was likely the forum bot reacting to one of the words Muzz used. I would expect it to go back to normal in time.

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I came now here after more then 3 months passing due to what happend. Thank you Trading212 for destroying a person’s possibility to get out of the slavery of society. Thank you for your communications with us regarding these incident of restricting. With your help i managed to be on extasy then in depression finnancial. I lost all my hopes but most frustrating i lost 80% of my money and 100% of my potential gains. Nada.


Hi Dao,

Just to give you an update on this, my account was banned for requesting an update in the way that I did.

I would be interested in hearing other opinions in the community as to whether this was fair or whether this was censorship. Please note that this is not an ‘incendiary’ post but purely a topic of discussion.

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Hello, guys :wave:

Just to clear out the air - when it comes to constructive criticism, we’ve always been a huge fan of the concept. I’m sure that the majority of you can agree that we’ve always encouraged your feedback and aimed to implement it wherever possible.

@muzz1066 Don’t get me wrong, we understand and respect your opinion :v: . We also recognize everyone’s irritation with the matter. Nonetheless, let us try to communicate within a positive framework and maintain a productive environment.

Creating dissent and encouraging negativity is not of any use for anyone :man_shrugging: