The World Debt is it getting out of control

Regulations were changed so that EU approval was not required and less resources used by MHRA to review products for EU market that were no longer required, yes EMA has a clause we actioned but brexit streamlined this. If this wasn’t the case then why are we leading by so much. Are we just more efficient regardless?

You can’t compare the data it’s all apples and oranges and we are one of the most densely populated countries with an older population. Plus everyone has different variables, I think we’re handling it pretty well people that criticise of course could do a much better job…

No they really weren’t. The UK used the emergency authorisation process that any EU member state could have used. At least one of the Eastern EU countries had used the same procedure.

The fact that we have been slightly better organised on getting the vaccine out is absolutely nothing to do with EU membership or Brexit.

Presumably you’re not so keen to celebrate the fact that we top Europe in COVID cases and deaths (despite having some inherent advantages due to borders etc)…

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Capitalism ain’t working :-/ Thats happening.
And no I am neither a socialist nor a marxist.

They really did, I said what you said.

Don’t talk about deaths. Do you know anything regarding human geography, demographics and the variables of data.

What does that mean? I am no native