This week’s 277 new stocks!

Out of interest what was the Aussie sto k you identified?

Sorry I’m not sure which co it was. I think there is a Canadian 1 in there too. It was quite late last night when I had a quick scan through the 1st 50 stocks.


Been wanting Centene for some time, thank you!

You could always put in a request if there are any specific U.K. stocks you’re still waiting for. I believe the plan is to make all stocks fractional eventually.

Strange batch of shares. Can’t see anything immediately that is that useful. Also plenty of them are ADR listings of UK stocks. eg. HSBC, Glaxo. What’s the purpose of those?

Would like to see the investment trusts universe expanded significantly. There’s only about 10 or so on T212 now. Plus loads more ETFs.


Definitely some odd stuff in the list.

@Nirnaeth did a cracking list of ETFs for @Team212 see and vote here:

Multi Asset ETFs

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@Martin Is it me, or is the last few weeks worth of new stocks not showing up on the search list. For example, Nintendo last week if you search through the options using the magnifying glass you won’t find it. You have to search in the bar up the top and even then it says it’s elsewhere. Anyone else noticed this? Not moaning, but if you were planning a good look through you might miss loads. Also, please add logos lol.

@RobK You’re 100% correct, the new stocks haven’t been categorized yet - will happen pretty soon though.


Yea where is Smurfit Kappa a footsie 100 stock…

Tencent Holdings Ltd ore Prosus. I see only the Tencent musiccompany. I hope you listed the Tencent Holdings Ltd company too.

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Tencent is traded on Hong Kong stock exchange so at the moment we don’t have access there

Ok. Brederode Holding a good one too. Brussel

Look at TEF. Div confirmed for 2020

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A good one for 2020 and later?

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Awesome, thanks for getting back to me. Cheers

Thanks. And what a yield!

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Thank you for your efforts by adding these stocks. Are you planning to add Russian and Chinese stocks in the Invest account? You have some of these stocks as a CFD.

Thank you! Any chance you will add some Italian stocks in the next future?

@omard @mmaatt78

T212 will first need to get access to the relevant stock exchanges for Invest accounts but they are looking to expand. I believe the scope given was around the end of this year, start of next. There was word from Martin that the Vienna Stock exchange is in the plans for end of Q3. Asian and Australian exchanges are being looked at for the 2nd half of the year as well. Though I haven’t heard anything about Russia. I think Poland and Canada were mentioned also

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Can I make a request for Ørsted from the Copenhagen stock exchange to be added please :grin: