This week’s 300 new fractional shares!

Please make the share fractional. @Team212

Baillie Gifford Pacific Horizon Investment Trust, ticker $PHI

WTAI/INT - WisdomTree Artificial Intelligence UCITS ETF – USD Acc Please make it fractional. @PeterA

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How long would it take to have all the stocks here under fractional scheme ? Could we please have a deadline or a target ? Since we understood that no more stocks will be added on the platform until every single one are in fractions.

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the goal is the end of the quarter as was posted on another topic. I don’t have a link ready at hand for you however.


Seems like too much of a work because it has been requested many times but they didn’t do it.

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They only add stocks at times when they know they can make money from you. Timing of listings is not a coincidence. Be careful and do your analysis before jumping in.

yet and another conspiracy theory.


thanks a lot…
can you add Up Fintech Holding LTD (TIGR)?


Could you give me an example of how Trading 212 would make money from a timed listing?


Can we have Star Peak Energy Transition (STPK) and CPS Technologies (CPSH) fractional, please?

STPK is already fractional.

Is it only me? Cannot buy less than 1 shares


Well it is fractional just has a min limit. If you type is 2.5 it works.

set to value purchase and you can :+1:

@Team212 can we have a lower quantity for Palantir, please? Ticker PLTR, same for CPSH and STPK. Thank you! :hugs:

Switch to buy by value and I’m pretty sure you can buy as little as £1 worth.

Yes, I know this, but will end up having 0.00315523 something like that, which I want to avoid as I use external websites and a spreadsheet to track everything.

Quick question, how long do fractional requests take on average?

Could we please have Kamada Ltd in fractional shares ?

Awww! :cry: