Total Return in the App

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Is Total Return in the app profit / loss from sales + dividends ?

It is Profit / Loss from sales. Dividends are not included.

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Does this also factor in Stamp Duty costs?

@George does it reflect current unrearlised loss/gains.

So scenario, my past sales gave total profit 3k, my current owned shares are +1k unrealised returns, does the screen show 3k or 4k?

Thanks very much George :+1:t3:


It reflects only realised profit/loss. So, in your example - 3k.


Thanks for confirming! :slight_smile:

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Ok, I am confused. Can someone plase explain to me : shouldn’t DEPOSIT - WITHDRAWALS + TOTAL RETURN = AMOUNT CURRENTLY INVESTED + FREE FUNDS? If yes, that is not case for my account. What am I missing?
Edit: nevermind, forgot about Stamp Duty :frowning:

Ok, another problem is when I add all stock trades (those that I bought and also sold) it does not equal TOTAL RETURN. I always get a sum that is 0.02$ greater than total return. Can someone please help and tell me what am I doing wrong? Thank you! :blush:

P.S. I took into account 0.23$ of Stamp Duty

Did you ever figure this out?

I have a similar issue. If I sum the current value of all my investments it is always £0.02 different (I can’t remember if it’s higher or lower) from the PORTFOLIO figure.

I usually do it over the weekend and I put my phone into airplane mode so that there are no price or exchange rate fluctuations. I’ve done it 4-5 times now and, although my portfolio has evolved over the last couple of months, I’ve always had the £0.02 discrepancy.

I know it’s only 2p, but it really annoys me when figures in the app are inconsistent.

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Unfortunately, no :frowning: Still hoping someone will figure it out! Recently, I sold every stock in my portfolio (not for this reason, don’t worry) and still cannot find that 0.02$! Have no idea what is happening! And, ofc custumer support is of no help, got this automatic replay from them :
" It seems that we couldn’t reach you up until now - please excuse the delayed reply. "

There were some previous topics on this subject.

Yeah… the, so called, “update” did not fix it. I withdrew all my money the other day, sold everything and still 2 cents are missing. Hope it will not be a big deal when I do taxes at the end of the year…

Hi Everyone
I have the same problem: Nearly 0.5 euro on a 2k account.

I know is not a tragedy but must be fixed!
Every loss counts and errors like this raises scepticism.

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