Transfer positions?

Yes, I believe that would work. AJ Bell make it extremely easy to do gifts of shares between spouses.

Needed Feature… What’s the ETA?

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Getting more and more uncomfortable…

I gave up man, I sold everything and I moved to a real broker :slight_smile:


Which brokers will this transfer feature work with?

It should work with any broker.

T212 staff (Tony I believe) said in a thread that no ETA could be provided at this stage. David still mentioned that progress would be shared during Q1 (as quoted above).

In short, we do not have any news, people will have to be patient.


Hello Trading212 team, @David @Tony.V

when will there be an update or a date for the new feature transfer positions to other brokers?

Everyone has to be aware that selling and buying new is not an option for many people, because otherwise you have to realize your profits and pay taxes and you cannot buy the same number of shares again.

So, like many other people, I ask for clarification … it was Q3, then Q4, now we are in Q1 2021 and still no trace of an answer. The next answer will probably be Q2 again, please be honest, you don’t want to make any transfers of shares possible.


I would love an update too. At least let us know by when we can reasonably expect the feature to be launched.

Selling and buying is the worst alternative possible in terms of taxes, especially when you know they are ways to avoid them…

And if you indeed do not plan on making it available at all, let us know too so we can bite the bullet and move on instead of blindly waiting for an indefinite period of time.


Couldnt agree more, this info is essential for me. @David @Tony.V @George @Team212

Times change rapidly especially now with brexit So far i’d love to be on t212, but later? who knows what UE or UK will come up with? maybe some new taxes, maybe some other stuff. Therefore i kindly ask for this info because i HAVE TO know this before i invest more. And i plan to invest on weekly basis more and more.

BUT having in my mind fact, that everything can change in one day and i would be stuck in situation where i have to sell everything and buy it again keeps me on hold or even changing the broker to IB.

So please, fix it asap or give us at least some info. Do you plan this in near future? or you dont see it possible for now?

kindg regards


I would really appreciate some updated info. Trading 212 will lose soooooo many investors. im about to leave this broker if they dont at least give us some valid information and not just delaying deadlines to next quarters… HELP US


T212 won’t lose investors just because of transfers, unlike many other platforms T212 at least is constantly growing and improving. they plan to allow for transfers, but it’s not as simple as clicking a finger and serving it up.

the last year has proven that deadlines can’t always be met, so instead of declaring a date and having people complain it’s still not ready they are better off just working on it without trying to commit to a new date.

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Consider this an ultimatum?

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@David can we have some transparency please? Is this still being worked on, can we expect in in the near future? Almost ALL legitimate brokers offer this feature

Day 1

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I don’t know any who has free trading and offers this in EU. Please name one :))

Having to liquidate and pay tax on holdings to move them to t212 negates any money saved by the free share dealing

What is your point?

T212 being commission-free does not mean they can’t nor shouldn’t offer such basic services.

Why are you here?

they are here because they have the right to be.

you have your opinion and deividas is entitled to theirs. there are things called trade-offs. for a free service you accept that there will be less features and offerings than a rival service that charges. a brokers ability to bring features to its clients are heavily reliant on the costs involved in doing so.

while you may consider it a basic service, that is a matter of opinion rather than fact and is not that easy for T212 to add.

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He/she is entitled to his/her own opinion but no need to sound like a smart-arse about it.

Not only is T212, as far as I can tell, the only commission-free broker in Europe so there is objectively no other similar broker offering the requested service. But also the comment he replied to was referring to “legitimate brokers”. I am a strong believer T212 falls into that category and should, as such, offer the service.

The main issue is that there has been a great lack of transparency from the team as to what is worked on and prioritised.

I understand that this is difficult to commit to a deadline during these times, trust me I know.

But I also need to know whether this feature is high or low on priority and whether we are talking about a few months or years before we can expect it. I am sure I am not the only one, whatever the reason.

For specific reasons out of my control, I must switch brokers. I would do it now if I could, but taxes would negate almost all of the gain on commission I made investing through here instead of a paid broker. If I knew at least the progress on the implementation on the feature, I could arrange myself but I can’t wait indefinitely as the deadlines keep getting pushed further out.

In any case, I feel like at this stage there is no need to talk any more about this without a reply from the team, from my end at least.

Day 2 of requesting an update on in specie position transfers @David

@Bolal7700 So you’re assuming they have no weekends?