Unusually large spreads

Currently, McDonald’s has a $37 dollar spread. I’m not joking.

Sample Spreads Premarket. Ain’t trading in T212 until the dust settles. Glad I have backup accounts to play with.

I have not seen a spread like that in T212 ever. Insane!

Premarket spreads for USA stocks are usually worse so it might not be a good example. Although they aren’t usually as bad as today.

Better to look at the popular UK stocks which are open for trading right now. Spreads are crazy when they should be tight enough.

  • Spreads gone insane

  • Interest Fees gone through the roof

  • All popular stocks locked down

What’s going on?

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Some of the spreads are larger than an entire week’s trading range!

I understand US pre-market always tend to have greater spreads due to volatility and liquidity, and some are not as liquid as others but I’ve noticed it tends to be mainly on stocks that have had good runs recently. Both FTSE:NEX and FTSE: AML have spreads of over 10% right now.

Further more it wouldn’t let me open any positions in a lot of the instruments yesterday that were having a good run so unable to average up or down positions.

I know. But I have not seen anything like that in premarket. I will compare those screenshots when the market opens. Warned my group not to trade since Monday due to this observation.

Therefor I don’t trade stocks with CFDs. The spread makes it impossible to predict a good result.

Works fine for indexes or forex. However the spread on forex is wider than other forex brokers.

NVIDIA is now trading 504.38 to 529.62 and its current price is 518.5 WTF

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Hello T212 support-Get a grip on the spread prices. Don’t just blame your intermediary . You are responsible for what you show in your website. You are blowing peoples account. “Commission Free” is not actually cheap rather it’s a daylight robbery when compared !
If you can’t fix it disable after hours trading.


Can you confirm if this spread is correct or an error? If this is correct can you please explain to me how you are able to justify a spread of 10%.

Spreads and swap fees have gone bonkers the last couple of days. More discussion here: Unusually large spreads

Thanks pipo, I’m used to larger spreads on their CFD’s than other providers but this is completely obscene.

I run two accounts ISA and CFD and this morning PETS cashed out on my stop loss moving nearly 6% on CFD and on ISA hardly any movement… you can compare the graphs yourselves

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Time to switch the broker.

Other brokers are running their system as normal.
So called “Commission free “ is a myth and this should be reported to FCA. They are playing with people’s money.

Applies to ISA/Invest accounts. Not CFD.

Can’t buy any instruments like TSLA, NIO, BABA, CINE, RR etc…
useless platform. Will be closing the account and move on.
Terrible experience.

CFD is also commission free.

Can you please stop complaining and give the team time to respond? Thanks.

Other brokers like IG CMC charge £10 per transaction