Xiaomi corp. stock request

I was surprised to not see this stock on your platform. They are a leading company of the fast-growing e-scooters and they sell a range of high-value goods. Would be great if we could invest in them while their shares are relatively cheap.


@connormatty Completely agree with you that Xiaomi’s one hell of a stock but unfortunately, it’s not listed on any exchange that we have access to.

Hopefully, we’ll have Hong Kong or OTC by the end of Q2.


How is this looking ? any chance that this company can be added now? @David

I’m also surprised , when is it today ?
Will we soon be able to put it in our wallet ? Please
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Was Hong Kong added?

Can you enable it for ISA’s?

If you go to Search / Browse all in the App, it will show you what country exchanges we currently have access to.

Alternatively this sticky is very useful:

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Je sais que le Hang Seng n’y est pas mais sera t-il ajouté un jour ? Et si oui dans approximativement combien de temps ? Nous ne savons pas si il sera ajouté un jour , nous aimerions être informé sur les avancements.

Xiaomi est une entreprise phare de cette décennie.


I know the Hang Seng isn’t there but will it ever be added? And if so in approximately how long? we don’t know if it will ever be added, we would like to be informed about the progress.

Xiaomi is a flagship company of this decade.

Thank you