First of all, hello to whoever is reading this :slight_smile:

I’m James. I’m a father of 4 and I come from a city called Belfast. It’s had its issues but as for now it’s on an uptrend with a very positive green candle!!

I’ve been dabbling in investing for a few years now and unfortunately, as I was buying and selling crypto in the early days the banks didn’t like me for this. Subsequently they closed my accounts stating I was money laundering as they did not view buying and selling bitcoin as legitimate :see_no_evil:

Fast forward a few years and most banks are now implementing blockchain technology and starting to adapt to the world of crypto rather than slate it as an evil!!

I’ve recently started trading in shares and stocks as a way to generate some extra funds and hedge against the current financial bubble that is about to pop sometime in the next 12-18 months.

I’m a very addictive person and will spend hours watching and learning all about whatever I’m getting into with the hope of things all going right. Can’t say it always works out that way but, the more I fail the more I learn.