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I need some insight! I receive in CZK (Czech koruna), but I planned to open a trading account in USD, as I would fund it with Revolut. Obviously, my plan didn’t work as I found out later that Revolut doesn’t accept Trading 212 (and similars) as a merchant. And bank transfer is not an option (due to the fee for withdrawing money).

To solve this somehow for now without using my local bank (which charges fees for converting money) I had to use N26. But then I need to convert money 2 times, CZK - EUR - USD, what it is not wise.

So I wonder what would be the best:

  1. Keep this way with N26;

  2. Close my account in USD and reopen it in CZK. But then I would pay Trading212 fee for converting currencies.

  3. A better solution?

In the long run I’m not sure which option would be less waste of money, and I expect some other fintech to provide account in USD and which would also work with Trading212.

I guess most of us are investing in the US market, so I wonder how do you do to lose less with these conversions?


Hello @victor,

You can transfer from Revolut free of charge, then use any card which accepts currency of your account ie Transferwise to top up once so it is in t212 system. Each withdrawal will go to the card used. You keep using revolut for free bank transfer.

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@Vedran Thanks! I actually had tried to fund my trading account using TransferWise debit card before (on Dec 5th) but it was declined. However, I have just tried again and it worked! That should solve my problem with double conversion.

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Good :slight_smile: I would however advice use revolut bankwire
Better exchange rate on Revolut then TW :slight_smile: Or, you can put Curve card infront of TW , if you dont plan to.charge more then 500 USD per month. As Curve has good FX as well.

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Thanks @Vedran ! Indeed, it is not the best with TW, and they have also some fee. Do you know if there’s any fee for funding TW (USD) with Revolut (Google Pay/Debit card)? In any case, there’s option for free bankwire as you’ve mentioned.

Just to keep the info here: I have contacted TW regarding such fee and, indeed, there’s a fee to top-up TW with Debit card ( ) The best then it is to transfer money and avoid the fee.