Account is missing cash on returns & dividends

On my Invest account my current balance is 0 since I withdrew all the funds.

However I noticed that my returns + dividends comes to £565.43.

But my depsoits minus withdrawals only comes to £518.84. Leaving a shortfall of £46.59.

Where’s the remaining funds! It can’t be exchange rate because the returns and dividends are already in GBP.

I’ve already logged a ticket with no reply:

ID 36288

Do you mean that you only bought from the LSE?

In that case you should consider the stamp duty for all your transactions in your calculation. Check that and see what difference you have left.

Stamp duty already comes out when you buy a share. So again it should already be in the returns.

Returns should be after currency exchange rates and stamp duty.

Besides. Stamp duty is only 0.5% of each share.

But I’m missing 8% of my returns+dividends!

Well, actually as I understood from another post not, because are costs on your transaction so they are not counted on the profit from buy and sell price.

For the stamp duty as said before. For the exchange rate yes, it’s counted in the return, but exactly because is counted you don’t see it but is there.
So if you’ve bought shares in any stock exchange that is not the LSE you have incurred in FX fluctuations, which recently ca be really big in matter of days because of everything that is happening in the world.

So you didn’t answer my question:

If the answer is yes, count the stamp duty and see the difference, and wait for the answer to your ticket because most probably 0,5% doesn’t make the difference you have.

If the answer is no then you can check the FX on the day you bought the shares and the day you sold them respectively for every transaction. I’m pretty sure you gonna find that the difference is there.

Actually I just checked your math and it could be that as well. If you count 0,5% of stamp duty on 8280 (assuming you invested them all) it’s 41,4. If you made some gains out of those deposits and bought more shares you can find the missing 5ish bucks.

Yes but as I said. The difference is 8% which is huge!!!

The returns on sales of shares already comes after exchange rate conversions, I’ve checked.

The point is all of these should have already been factored into the returns.

Yes but that 8% it’s not the calculation you need:

8280 deposited + 11,98 dividends + 553,45 profit = 8845,43
you withdrew 8798,84 so you have difference of gain of 8798,84 - 8845,43 = -46,59 which is the 0,56% on your deposited funds, assuming that you only invested those, but if you made gains out of it and reinvested than it could become the 0,5% of the invested money which is the tax duty.

As said before it’s not in the returns because is a cost and not depending on the profit. If you were with another broker that charges commission fees for example then also those wouldn’t appear in the profit because it’s a cost/fee/tax that doesn’t count for the profitable or negative return made by the trade it self.

I already said stamp duty is on the purchase of shares. It’s done before the calculation of your return. A return is your bottom line remember.

They show you the stamp duty at the time of each purchase

As I told you, you can see it, and it’s counted on the total cost when you buy the shares. But it’s not counted in the profit (Average buying price - Selling price).

I don’t know how to explain it anymore so I give up.

Wait for the answer from the team on your ticket with their answer about it. :v: