Calculations / Totals

Hi, I am probably not calculating correctly, but in the app it tells me I have invested £997.86. However if I total up my buys it comes to £998.22. I have received £0.33 dividends also. The free funds is £2.05. So none of this adds up. Surely the free funds should be £2.11 or £2.47. Anyway else have issues with this or can tell me that I’m calculating it wrong?

Stamp duty which you’ve probably paid is not counted as a part of money invested

Thanks. What do you mean stamp duty? This is all on the invest platform.

Yes you will have to pay stamp duty on all platforms.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to pay this on ETFs and some other funds. (This is kind of included in the ongoing fees they charge though).

When you’re buying UK stocks you have to pay stamp duty(not always) of 0.5% value of purchase if I’m not mistaken. Although that money is deducted from your cash balance at the end its not reflected as a cost of your investment that’s why you see that tiny difference. It was mentioned already on the forum that in the future they gona change ways of displaying