Accumulating ETFs how are these displayed as dividends

As the title says…if you have an Accumulating ETF, the dividends are automatically invested…this is a general question…but do you get to see how much you earnt in dividends? Or dont they both and automatically reinvest?

If they do notify you…T212 will this be displayed?

It is automatically reinvested in the fund itself, you won’t see anything on T212.
Depending on your local laws you may still have to pay taxes on a “virtual dividend-like gain” .

The amount of income reinvested can be found on the website of the the ETF provider. It is taxable for UK investors if held outside an ISA. See more details here

ok thanks :slight_smile: i hold everything in an ISA tax man aint getting rich off me

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Doesn’t the Dividend get Taxed automatically when you get it in the ETF?

So the amount you get is taken off?

New to ETFs myself.

Do you also only get Taxed if your Divs go above £2000?

The dividend you receive from an ETF like ISF, IITU, VUSA or VUKE has no local tax deducted. So if you are a UK taxpayer you could owe nothing, 7.5%, 32.5% or 38.1% depending on your other income. It is your responsibility to figure out what you owe, and if you do owe, then pay it by completing a self assessment tax return. For a UK taxpayer the first £2000 of dividends per year are tax free at present, and of course there is no tax on dividends received in an ISA.

All right fair enough.

I don’t think I have enough in them to pay Tax at the moment but it is good to know about this stuff!

Currently unemployed at the minute but still looking for work to try and buy more.