Add Snowflake (SNOW) IPO

Please add snowflake (SNOW) in time for Tuesday’s IPO




Does anyone know if T212 will be adding Snowflake and if so, when?

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Yes, it will be added on its IPO day, not a day before or after. IPO price enter on 15th so it will be tradable on 16th Sept.
We have our daily IPO list update in this forum, we don’t have to request newly released IPO.


How to buy Snowflake IPO in Trade 212?

Snowflake can be purchased on 16th Sept. Which is its IPO day.

Do you mean to buy under ISA and Investing after IPO?

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Yes, you can buy in ISA and Invest acc once they IPO successfully on 16th Sept.

Is it best to stay away from IPO and wait for price settle a few days or weeks? You won’t likely get IPO price on T212…

Yes, this is what I meant. Not sure which broker to subscribe IPO.

Yes, we’ll add SNOW IPO to our CFD, Invest & ISA porftolios.


But can we subscribe SNOW IPO before the launch on 16th Sept?

Thanks @Cai-X
Could you pls share a link to the daily IPO list that you mentioned.
I’ve searched the forum and can see adhoc posts but nothing that’s consistent as a daily list.

There is for today

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No, it will be available to retail traders/investors on the 16th.

Thank you for sharing @Cai-X

I’m going to YOLO some money on the CFD platform anyway. The hype should send the price sky high. Literally can’t go tits up.

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Will it be available on the 15th or 16th just checked the NYSE and it says snowflake will be listed tomorrow but then other sites such as says the 16th,can you clarify this please?
Thank you😃

Available for trading on the 16th.