Snowflake Initial Public Offering

Did anyone manage to purchase Snowflake

Transaction is pending for me

yep this is the same for me


strange that the price is already at 185$ here instead of the 120$ it was priced in for, NYSE still shows not selling yet.

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Nope, rejected twice and the cost is skyrocketing.

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How many did you attempt to buy? I tried to purchase 1 share and it kept saying rejected, I assumed because I was only attempting to buy 1

Same one share…

It’s not available on other platforms too such as WeBull

Order rejected :frowning:

Neither available for trading on etoro.

I bought 1 share @ $150 and sold for $200 in the demo account :smiley:


I am trying but nothing always gets rejected

Likewise, can’t buy. Getting a bit annoyed with IPOs I can’t buy, and stock we’ve asked to be added still not being on the app.

I get that the team are busy with other developments, but access to the right trades at the right time is key and T212 seems to be way wide of the mark.

Ever considered that this may have nothing to do with the “Team” and could be because it is not available yet. It only trades at some point today not NOW


I saw it at $160 on CFD so sold contracts which was accepted.

Is that going to go through even if it opens over $200? Otherwise i’m fkd!

Isn’t open for trading for retail investors yet, this is standard for IPOs. Nothing to do with T212 this time.

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I thought you can’t short IPOs for the first 30 days?

Not sure but I definitely have an open position having sold contracts at $155. Here’s hoping it either resets to open price or rejects completely.

I know the IBs that underwrote the IPO can’t lend out shares for short selling for the first 30 days.

Not sure if there are any rules on lending out for short selling by other institutions and doubt any of that has any impact on CFDs anyway.

Contact T212 ASAP to cancel, i saw one of the team typing so it’s likely been read… it shouldn’t have allowed the order as they don’t have the stock to sell you.