Add Stochastic RSI

Just realized a common indicator named Stochastic RSI is missing in the indicator section. You might wanna add it (?) @team212 @George

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That’s two things though :thinking:

Relative Strength Index (RSI)


Stochastic Oscillator

We have slow and fast options (fast being more sensitive)

What I’d love to see is TSI, we only have RSI.

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StochRSI is a mix between RSI and Stochastic.
I’ve never used TSI before. I’ll have a look on TradingView.
Thx for mentioning it :+1:

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So it’s applying the Stochastic oscillator formula to RSI values, won’t that be quite volatile? I’ll definitely take a look at that.

Yeah TSI over RSI.

Well the erratic nature of an indicator really depends on your settings as well as the timescale you’re on. For StochRSI I tend to change the source from (close) to (open,high,low,close) to smooth the signal.
Just played around with TSI for a bit. It’s very similar to MACD. By using (8,17,9) as MACD settings, I’m actually getting better signals…

There’s also a TSIMACD :sweat_smile:

Did you ask for it to be added ?

TSI I don’t think I have.

What I would like to see is vwap