Add these stocks please :)


I kindly ask @Team212 to add these stocks:

BRMK - Broadmark Realty Capital Inc
JEPI - JPMorgan Equity Premium Income ETF

Please make fractional
SJM - JM Smucker Comapny

Kind regards :slight_smile:

Happy easter everyone

Good evening zizka, welcome to the forum!

You should have a magnifying glass at the top right - these have already been requested, and unfortunately JEPI cannot be added to the platform.

@Joey_Fantana This looks a decent stock on the NYSE and a 1.4bn MCAP so not sure why we don’t have it yet. Can we add it to the list next week to see if it can be added?


also SJM has Market Cap 13.63B any chance for fractional shares?

PS would love to add BRMK to my investing pie, any chance for this (fractional shares) ?