Adding Fund using debit card in CFD Account and move it to ISA/Invest account

If my memory serves well, a while ago I read a post that you could add fund using debit card into CFD account free of charge (e.g., no fee of 0.7% to be paid).

If this one still holds true then has anyone tried to add fund in CFD account and then move it to ISA/Invest account and there is no fee of 0.7%??

I am aware you could link your bank account but so far, I have no luck in linking my bank account. Also, some people prefer to use debit card.

AFAIK that is not possible anymore. I think they already mentioned it when they announced the fee.

Transfer money by bank is easy. Funded twice from the Netherlands using SEPA/IBAN. Three things you need:

IBAN / Bank account number (GBxxxxxxxxxx)
Name: Trading 212 UK Ltd
Description: the number T212 gives you

Mostly my deposits are available next day.

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Hey :wave:,

While the option to transfer funds between different accounts remains available, we’ve implemented a mechanism that detects an attempt to abuse transfers between CFD accounts towards ISA/Invest accounts as a workaround for the fee of 0.7%.

On a side note, Bank Transfers & Instant bank transfers are free of charge and I’ll DM you so we can assist you with that.