Adding Luckin Coffee AGAIN

Hey @David @Martin @PeterA ,
I was wondering, if Luckin Coffee can be added to TRADING212 again?

Luckin Coffee is still showing on Trading212 but it is suspended from trading an shows a
price of $1.42 whereas its $4 now. Could be perhaps a new ticker?

Thanks in advance!

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Luckin coffee got delisted.

It has since traded OTC under LKNCY which T212 don’t have access to.


Does anyone know how or where to pick up Luckin OTC stock? Thanks

PLEASE ADD Luckin Coffee Inc - LKNCY

Why? Didn’t it get delisted for NASDAQ and almost go bankrupt because of some accounting issues :man_shrugging:

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Because there’s money to be made

:thinking: Too late to double your money.

Now it’s chase and lose 2/3 of it :ok_man: :sweat_smile:

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