Ajouter une action Ă  dividende

Bonjours Ă  tous

Je crois avoir trouvé une pépite

Vonpende: VOPE
Ca: 56M
Dividende :700%



Merci d’ajouter cette action à dividende.

Bonjour et Bienvenue ! :fr:

As-tu vérifié que l’action pouvait être ajoutée ?
Ce poste clarifie les conditions requises, et il est de ta responsabilité de vérifier ceci avant de demander un ajout.

La compagnie dont tu parles n’a pas payé de dividendes depuis 4 ans, et donc a un payout de 0%, pas 700%.

edit: Cette action est listée à Cyprus, qui n’est pas un marché accessible avec Trading212.

Finally, this forum is English speaking. Except for language specific threads, you are welcome to chat around with us in English please :blush:

Hope you’ll have a great time!

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This stock is apparently not publicly traded or it doesn’t have enough liquidity (it doesn’t trade for months) as shown in the mentioned Investing.com page:



Btw, it’s a Cyprus financial holding and with connections to Russian entities. It’s site is very poor. This company has 6 employees, half of them are directors of the Board. For me it’s very shady company. Caveat emptor…



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@JeremyFB As a rule of thumb, a dividend yield of more than 100% (or even 10% for the matter) should be a huge red flag for you.

There is no company that is going to 8x your investment by paying you dividend.

Plus, a dividend payment is a net zero (before taxes) for the investor; the share price is adjusted downward on ex-devidend date by the same amount of the distribution.

If they were paying 700%, then by ex-dividend your shares would be worth -6x the amount being paid.