Amte power - AIM

Can we get this on T212 please


Can this be added asap please ?

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Amte amte amte amte amte amte, we want amte

Amte spells mate everyone likes mates, so add amte, don’t be a billy no amtes

Did you search the forum?

Not really, I can’t see anything clear cut. Other than it being ‘diarised’ in one of your threads?

Those threads always get responded to. Should be a yay or a nay from David on there and a reason if it can’t be done.

I’ve started green ticking his responses to remove any effort in finding it.

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He just says it’s not available for trading (3 days ago), clearly is now so not sure, little reminder does no harm I guess.

I’ll add it on the new list :wink:

Ah it’s an IPO. Apologies, I didn’t recognise the name from the LSE site.

IBKR are infamous for adding LSE IPOs to their platform late. I usually keep a separate list of these to try again a few days later - missed this one!


Ok thanks for the update.

It’s added now, fella.


Thanks for your help